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With an entire level devoted to cardio, it won't take long before your heart rate is through the roof! 
Let's be realistic - some people love cardio, some people don't. For those that don't, it's usually just a matter of finding the right method of getting you through your workout effectively and efficiently. Some people suit interval workouts, some people prefer consistent endurance. Our theory is that by providing a wide variety of cardio equipment to choose from, we can devise a way for everyone to get through their cardio session with the optimum mix of physical exertion and mental satisfaction.


Weights and resistance 

You'll have tender muscles in no time with our full range of barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, kettle bells, functional equipment and over 30 pieces of Nautilus pin-loaded equipment. Mmm, can't you just feel that satisfying tingle of well-used muscles already?



abs + stretching area

Bend, crunch, roll and 'engage' with our mezzanine area dedicated to abs, core and stretching. Decked out with all the swiss balls, abs machines, suspension straps, foam rollers and other dooverlackies you could desire, this area is ideal for any pre, mid or post-workout sessions. 


Boxing room


Need to let off a bit of steam? Or, are you one of the people who knows the secret of how effective boxing can be for your fitness?
Or maybe you haven't yet tried it? Just be warned: it's addictive.


Our quality equipment is sourced from the best brands in the fitness industry. Below are some of our suppliers: