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Class details


Powerhouse - Strength

The ideal combination of education and performance. Learn awesome compound resistance workouts in a safe space under the watchful eyes of our trainers.

Teams of up to 12 take to the floor to smash out AMRAPS, EMOMS and some brutal pairings, helping you take the leap from simply ticking the boxes to smashing your previous strength expectations.


Knockout - Boxing

Come in and scratch that itch. With technique taught from the ground up, all levels of fitness are suitable for our boxing class.

Combinations, sprints and a formidable variety of core exercises will provide the perfect infusion of energy into your weekly training routine.


Flex - Mobility

Ever wondered why you’re struggling to touch your toes? Or why it hurts your shoulder to extend an arm behind your head? Increasing our mobility is the key to advancing our everyday movement and reclaiming our physical freedom.

We will tackle drills that challenge the hips, shoulders and posterior chain in a range of complex plains. We’ll teach you to regain full control of your joints and in turn fight back against the 8 hour desk hunch!